Skylum announces AI Structure tool for upcoming Luminar 4 software

Skylum has announced another exciting feature for its upcoming Luminar 4 software – the AI Structure tool. Using content-aware technology, this exciting new effect will enable photographers to add detail and structure to their images. However, the filter won’t just be applied indiscriminately. Instead, it’ll intelligently decide exactly how and where the effect should be used.

Enhancing detail in photos is something many photographers like to do, but unless you want to mess around with layers and masks it can be tricky to selectively apply the effect. For example, if you’re editing a portrait, then added detail to the skin is usually an unwanted side effect of clarity-boosting tools.

However, the AI Structure filter will enable photographers to take advantage of content-aware algorithms to automatically enhance a photo’s structure without negatively impacting certain objects.

The way this works is that the tool will automatically identify objects such as people and their faces, skin, sky, buildings and more, and improve them intelligently rather than globally across the photo. It will add detail and clarity to areas that were otherwise lacking in order to boost the structure and create a cleaner image.

Skylum has advised that this tool will work with any type of photo and doesn’t add additional artifacts, such as noise or halos.

Alex Tsepko, the CEO of Skylum, says, “We’re really excited to see Luminar 4 develop more as we approach our fall launch date. With the new AI Structure tool, we know photographers will love the control and content-aware technologies that let them enhance their photos like never before.”

This interesting announcement from Skylum comes after the July announcement of its AI Sky Replacement tool for Luminar 4. As the name implies, this tool gives photographers the ability to replace skies automatically in their photos. With both the AI Structure tool and the AI Sky Replacement tool available in the upcoming Luminar 4 software, we can’t wait until the fall release date – and we have a feeling that we’re not the only ones.