These Adorable Pet Comics Are Too Relatable For Animal Lovers

Pet lovers are a different breed than other people. Their reactions to cute animals are visceral, their emotional pull toward a fluffy friend palpable. And it takes one to know one ― just ask Canada-based artist Beanie.

“As a huge fan of pets myself, I enjoy drawing little observational comics about the little things that make us all love them,” she said.

Her Instagram @whatsupbeanie features a series of “amusing, small moments in everyday life,” and perfectly captures the relationship between humans and their pets. Whether you’re a cat or dog person, you’re bound to see yourself in one of the sweet and silly strips.

Who among us hasn’t fallen into a shame spiral after accidentally stepping on a paw? The same can be said for relentlessly trying to point out a cute dog to a friend on the street to no avail. Beanie’s comics have clearly resonated to her 124,000 Instagram followers, where she also “doodles about whatever I feel like.”

Beanie currently doesn’t have a pet of her own, but said she hopes that changes soon.

“Pets are amazing in every way,” she said. “The love and companionship they give us humans is indescribable and we do not deserve them.”

Hard agree. (Not to mention research shows they’re incredibly beneficial to our health.)